About Project


What is the project about?

The project is intended to contribute to the establishment of a more efficient, inclusive and accountable public administration in Serbia. More specifically, the project is aimed to support the NAPA in the enhancement of professional development programmes for public administration based on real needs of the employees and priorities of public administration. The technical assistance is to be provided to the management and staff in the second and third year of the NAPA’s operation by supporting them in implementing the training needs analysis, upgrading the existing professional development programmes and the development of on-line courses.

Project goals

The project aims to support the newly founded National Academy of Public Administration to enhance capacities for continuous and comprehensive increase of professionalism of public administration employees.

Technical assistance

The project is expected to provide the following technical assistance:

1. Support NAPA in training need analysis implementation.
On the basis of the adopted TNA methodology developed through the GGF project, the project
is to implement TNA, collect and process the data, and draft the report on estimated needs of
employees for professional development with recommendations and priorities on key programme areas and training topics. The TNA should cover training needs for the annual training programmes and for the medium term (3 years period).

2. Assist NAPA in upgrading of professional development programmes
Based on the previously implemented TNA, the project will provide support to the NAPA in
upgrading the existing professional development programmes.

The assignment also includes introduction of key horizontal issues into all programme contents/curricula of the training programmes (where appropriate) such as antidiscrimination, CSO’s participation, gender issues etc. The main purpose of this approach is to tackle important topics, such as horizontal issues, to raise awareness on this significant topic. Finally, the project will prepare written instructions and presentations for accredited trainers to present novelties introduced.

3. Assist NAPA in development and evaluation of online courses for priority topics
On the basis of the TNA, the project will support NAPA in identification and development of up to eight online courses. Development of online courses will make the NAPA's training programmes available to a wide target group.

On-line trainings should consist of several short videos of oral lectures, as well as of
written material and tests for trainees. For development of materials for on line courses NAPA
will engage its own accredited trainers, while the project will integrate video production of
oral lectures (video materials) and post production (additional animations, subtitling and general
postproduction) as a part of online courses.

The project should evaluate up to three pilot online courses and provide recommendations on further implementation of online trainings. The piloting of online courses involves monitoring of its overall implementation from putting an online course into operation to the application of the candidates, the process of learning and solving the tests itself. The purpose is to gain an insight into whether the online course in its content and form is adequate to improve the competencies of the target group it is intended for. 

  • Public Administration
EuropeAid reference
  • Support NAPA in training need analysis implementation;
  • Assist NAPA in upgrading of professional development programmes;
  • Assist NAPA in development and evaluation of online courses for priority topics.
City / District
Belgrade, Serbia
EU Contribution
230,000 €
Implementation period
June 2019 - October 2020
National Academy for Public Administration
Implemented by
IBF International Consulting