January 27, 2021

The project "Support to the National Academy for Public Administration for Professional Development of Public Administration" funded by the European Union provided support to NAPA in revision of existing training programs according to identified needs and priorities, where the focus was on analyzing programs and preparing recommendations for simplification and unification of trainings, the introduction of higher level trainings, improvement of certain elements of training programs (such as names, reasons for starting trainings, goals and outcomes of trainings, etc.),linking training with the competency framework, improving the process of preparation and adoption of training programs, as well as the revision of training programs for certain thematic areas (e, esources management, etc.) and the preparation of rofessional training programs in state administration bodies, etc.). Also, a methodology for incorporating horizontal issues into training programs has been prepared, two priority horizontal topics (anti-discrimination and cooperation with civil society) have been incorporated into training programs for 2021, and instructions on how to implement horizontal issues in the trainings have been prepared for NAPA accredited lecturers.